Daniel’s audio recordings as guidance

29. October 2023 – by Verena Di Bernardo

Daniel is a spiritual teacher – and a modern mystic. I know that, and yet I am always deeply touched when I am taught in this way. Indeed, also his audios are more than simple recordings to listen to. They are living language – and work in subtle ways. The beauty and power of the words lies in their fine energy quality. For their resonance takes place as silent communication in the midst of one’s own heart.

A personal example

Language has always played an important role in my life, in different ways. In connection with Daniel’s work a deep longing became and becomes more and more clear to me:

I want to feel flowing creativity in communication, to experience clarity and coherence in words, to find my own expression, to speak and live my truth, to experience silence behind sounds. Underneath this is also a deep need for a “finer”, perhaps “more sensitive”, way of communicating.

Of course I have already thought a lot about this and also searched for ideas, possibilities, categories. How could this be practically implemented in my life? Act, do!
Well, meanwhile I have an understanding for the fact that this is again a rather “rough” way to want to force things… but it is just the well-worn rut. Besides thinking, however, I have my practice and the deep knowledge and trust that there is also a much finer way.

Fine vibrating words as a teacher

Daniel’s way of teaching goes far beyond physical encounters. In the last few years I have increasingly experienced that he teaches, communicates and touches in many ways and on all possible levels. This happens in a very refined and gentle way. Especially lately I can perceive this connection to my teacher very clearly, even without his physical presence.

On a morning walk in nature, “my” subject was very present again. Especially when walking undisturbed through the fields in front of my door, but also otherwise in everyday life, I like to listen to Daniel’s audios – not only at home during meditation. This morning, as if “by chance”, I chose a meditation that I had not discovered before. It is titled “Own Inner Truth” and part of the satsang “Creative Spirit – Living Uniqueness“, but actually it was meant just for me. At least that was my feeling while listening to it: My teacher is speaking directly to me at the exact moment I am supposed to hear these words!

“Some spiritual beings are with us and want to communicate with us in a subtle way. Not through loud words, not through strong emotions, their language is very fine and works subtly. What it needs is space and relaxation to be able to receive this language. It is a language that works rather energetically and spreads in our consciousness when there is space, silence, relaxation.

Our soul longs to withdraw, because it suffers from the noise of the world, the loud talk, the loud thinking of people. Not because people are bad, but because the soul just needs something else. Something it can hear only in silence and – possibly – seclusion.

My experience is that new energies want to reach us more than ever. They want to remind us. They give us strength and make us think anew. It is important that there are new creative ways of thinking and understanding here on earth, which are healing and which also support the earth in its ascension process.

We ourselves should also open up to a new way of experiencing ourselves. We can dive deeper and deeper into an all-connectedness. Not only with the earth! Into a whole interaction – this also includes new energies, which have a supporting effect. From the spiritual world impulses come, which let you feel differently and experience your body differently. They let you think and decide in a new way. This suddenly appears in your life: The more you are calm, receptive, open to it and able to absorb it, the more it finds a way in practical implementation. But you don’t have to take care of it! The act is rather to be there and to receive in order to engage in this silent communication.

The ordinary mind has the habit of always thinking in the categories it already knows. You will notice that at some point this has no effect anymore. The more you allow yourself to be guided inwardly, the more you can leave these categories behind and a new vision of being here will develop. This is not a vision based on personal will; it is an overall structure that unfolds because we are in touch with it. 

Some people try so hard to develop certain behaviors. But when we practice, we experience. And when we are experiencing, we are different. It is not so much a doing, a wanting to change, to do right or to heal, but rather a withdrawal into oneself – into the fullness of existence. To be receptive. Allowing oneself to be brought forth. It is trusting in a guided light-filled process that has a clear direction.

The only challenge is for the mind to think and feel more and more in alignment with that direction. And that the body is allowed to change along with these high vibrations. Then these energies come here on earth through us as us, they become embodied.

In the withdrawal of the mind, we are receptive. When the mind retreats and is receptive, energy can flow more freely. When that which is blocked in the depths also begins to flow, it becomes easier. Space is created to be able to receive the new. It is important that we make peace with what was, so that we are open for the now, for the new.

When nothing binds us anymore, our heart suddenly becomes accessible to the new. It begins to feel, to sense new qualities. Our mind perceives this, it feels and receives it. This is a very quiet process happening. 

We will be able to experience that there is nothing external that tells us what the right way is. We just listen into our own heart and feel our truth. We are not determined from the outside – no spiritual being tells us what to do! It becomes awake in our heart, as our truth. We feel it within us, as a part of us, thus it is integrated and unshakable. Therefore, new ways are truly possible. It is the subtle in the communication of these sages, they allow us to experience it as our own truth.

Allow yourself again and again, when you have space, to listen to this silent communication. This language of feeling that we perceive through our own impulses in the heart.

When you are in contact with an enlightened soul, it has the ability that these impulses arise in your own heart. And you listen to them and they let you be in a certain way. You’ll notice, it’s a different language. It’s not that a master tells you how it’s right and you implement it in order to ascend. You follow your own inner truth to which he speaks…”

Inner Experience

Everything is interwoven: Daniel’s words matched my inner theme and touched my heart in a way I can only describe as “out of this world” – subtle, capturing, heart-opening.
I had aligned myself with the help of his words, the body was relaxed, the mind had withdrawn. There was stillness in me and at the same time an open attitude towards everything around me – and blurring boundaries between the two. In fact, I walked with a vastness and overflowing love in my heart that is hard to describe. I was accompanied by the feeling of being guided.

When Daniel spoke of receptivity, silent communication and all-connectedness in the meditation, I must have radiated that – because animals I met while walking reacted in a special way. A horse looked at me for a long time and did not leave my side along the fence. There was really a deep connection. A dog, against the will of its owner, ran towards me and playfully jumped up at me. It was as if we were happy to be here together. Birds accompanied me in flight and seemed to point to freedom.

I could also feel that there was much more, not visible, companionship with me – in this deep sensing there was such a fine, delicate, gently touching way of understanding. My heart was full of aliveness, fullness, joy, gratitude. A deep knowing began to unfold in me: To be addressed, touched and understood in this way was deeply fulfilling – I wanted to be as close as possible to this way of expression with all my heart.