Daniel Hertlein is an innovative, spiritual teacher, healer and author of modern times. Growing up in a Christian environment with much reference to Eastern wisdom, he was engaged in body and energy work, martial arts, Zen, Yoga and spiritual transformation processes of different traditions.

After an intensive mindfulness and meditation practice with the Zen Master Richard Baker Roshi, he experienced enlightenment in 2007. Thereupon he underwent a profound “cleansing of the heart”. And so his clairvoyance, which has been present in him since childhood, further unfolded as well as his clear communication with the lightful masters of the spiritual world.

His concern is to make spiritual awakening tangible for people and to support them in cultivating their unique abilities and creating their lives by following their hearts. In doing so, he develops transformative perspectives and exercises that give them access to the different dimensions of human existence.

Daniel Hertlein is a father of two children, lives in Munich (Germany)/Senigallia (Italy) and shares his teaching in workshops, retreats, spiritual trainings, Satsangs, Online events and in the form of books, ebooks, CDs and MP3, which he publishes in his publishing house.