Daniel Hertlein is a spiritual teacher with direct access to the human soul who helps you to experience your timeless/eternal Self.
Through his presence, wisdom and clear guidance you free yourself from the illusion of being a limited persona and you experience what you are beyond your conditioning.
You will be initiated into effective and proven spiritual practices that support you on the direct path to freedom.
With openness, respect, compassion and a lot of humour, Daniel Hertlein accompanies you through the different phases of your spiritual awakening.

Guided meditations, direct dialogues and periods of deep silence invite you to enter into the space of awareness, exploring the different levels of being. Each question about life is viewed from an awakened sight, from which answers emerge that serve to clarify and inspire.

“Whether we cultivate our humanity and how we live it makes all the difference. What shines through you when you think, speak or act? Remain inwardly in the place that does not change while life lives you …” (Daniel Hertlein)

Daniel Hertlein - Spiritual Teacher

The only true guru sits deep in your heart. He is the one who frees you from the illusion of being body and mind. He dispels the mental shadows cast on your heart. In order to realize what you are, you need the wise guidance of your indwelling divine power, which gives you the clarity that you are pure awareness.
Daniel Hertlein