In true silence you will be lifted up to the different dimensions of your being. In each dimension you encounter facets of life and qualities of your soul. You will experience more and more how your actions are brought forth through the vibrational realms accessible to you – in the most diverse colors of the one original light.
Daniel Hertlein


15 September, Sunday - 9:30 - 18:00


Daniel Hertlein approaches the participants of retreats very respectfully and directly.
In every encounter with him, intense, illuminating transformation processes are being initiated, which require an inner preparation. For this purpose, his online events, such as meditations, Zoom one-on-one sessions as well as his online retreats serve. In addition to mutual consent and honest exchange, the willingness to consistently engage with oneself is the necessary prerequisite for participation in events in presence.

In silent awareness the mind disappears and divinity is revealed. Only in silence we realize our true Self … and by surrendering to life-as-God, we begin to live an enlightened life.
Remember Matsuo Bashō:
“Sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”
Silence is the answer.
Daniel Hertlein

Self organized events


Daniel Hertlein is pleased to accept invitations from people who have a deep yearning to explore themselves and be close to the light of their own soul. For further information on possible dates and conditions for self-organized satsangs (also online), workshops and retreats, please contact Brigitte Stümpfler at