In silent awareness the mind disappears and divinity is revealed. Only in silence we realize our true Self … and by surrendering to life-as-God, we begin to live an enlightened life.
Remember Matsuo Bashō:
“Sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”
Silence is the answer.
Daniel Hertlein

Daniel Hertlein approaches the participants of satsangs/workshops very respectfully and directly.
In every encounter with him, intense, illuminating transformation processes are being initiated, which require an inner preparation. For this purpose, his online events, such as meditations, Zoom one-on-one sessions as well as his online retreats serve. In addition to mutual consent and honest exchange, the willingness to consistently engage with oneself is the necessary prerequisite for participation in the live events.

Schweige-Retreat in Italien

21 May, Sunday - 8:00 - 15:30

Schweige-Retreat in Italien

We cannot influence the appearance of thoughts, but we can choose how we deal with them. Notice them when they appear and recognize their nature by not getting involved.
In that way you dive more and more into the immediacy of receiving … and you experience them as temporary aliveness in your body-mind.
Practice this again and again and you will realize that you are not your thoughts … neither body nor mind.
Daniel Hertlein

Italy Intensive Retreat

The estate of El Rustico Fonte San Giovanni is an unique place of healing and development for my soul. Physical complaints vanish as soon as I am near the building. Everyday thoughts and worries, shielding and rough attitudes can no longer exist within myself when being there or appear in a new, positive, transforming light. The common meditations energetically affect me so deeply each time that my heart immediately begins to flow – without any effort. Love, trust and devotion very naturally arise. Nowhere else it is that easy for me to be in the here and now and to be touchable. Brigitte N.

Further dates: 15.05. – 19.05.2023 (Preparation week for the Silence Retreat), 21.05. – 26.05.2023 (Silence Retreat in Italy), 03.07. – 07.07.2023 (Preparation week for the Italy Intensive Retreat), 09.07. – 14.07.2023 (Italy Intensive Retreat), 11.09. – 15.09.2023 (Preparation week for the Italy Intensive Retreat), 17.09. – 22.09.2023 (Italy Intensive Retreat)



My mystical encounter with my teacher

It happens on a retreat where we are introduced to the basics of “The Yogic Art of Healing” by Daniel. After a common meditation we have the  possibility to ask questions and to talk about experiences in our practice, while Daniel uses every opportunity to teach us. After he has already helped some of our group, I ask him a question about my meditation practice. He just looks at me, no answer.

Okay. I’m sure I didn’t make myself clear. So I try again and ask my question again. He keeps looking at me. Now I’m confused. Was my question so poorly worded? Or inappropriate? Or irrelevant? I think about it for a moment, but I will not be dissuated from rephrasing my question again. Daniel looks at me and smiles.

Help, that can not be true. The situation repeats itself a few more times and becomes unreal, exhausting and unpleasant for me. What happens around me in the room, the reaction of the others, I no longer perceive at all. Somehow, it’s all about Daniel and me. It’s already dawning on me that he’s trying to demonstrate something when he says, “There’s a much easier way.” I close my eyes and try to understand. To follow him. Although I am very insecure, I do not doubt for a second that he means well with me. And that helps me not to react defensively or to close myself off. I sense that there could be something significant in this for me.

At some point Daniel encourages me to open my eyes again and try again. I’m looking right at him. And under this view I do not succeed in ordering my thoughts or forming a coherent sentence. I am briefly tempted to avert my eyes in order to be able to collect myself when I realize that this is exactly what it is all about. It’s as if his gaze pulls me over to him, into him. It’s like an absorbation that makes it impossible for me to think. When I try to describe this phenomenon, Daniel gets to the point: To whom should I speak if there is no mind to listen? And then he asks me, “What is in you if you don’t think?”

My own feelings overwhelm me even as I speak. How often had I longed to feel deep connection and love. And now they were just there, without effort. So is peace. And abundance. And this time I can hardly speak out of gratitude, out of infinite gratitude. And because I’m so happy. What a gift. Bettina G.


Silence. Together we listen to the singing of the bird sitting in the tree.

Through your silence every activity, every thought and action falls away from me. Layer by layer the fog and walls dissolve, which enveloped my deepest inside.

Fog created by too much activity obscured my view. Walls built by myself in the hope of protecting this fine, sensitive part of me have prevented me from seeing, hearing, feeling.

D: “Can you hear the bird?”

K: “Yes! I’m listening. I feel. The bird. The sound. The silence.”

Completely naked and deeply touchable my inner being just sits there. Detached from everything that it doesn’t need here and now.

Dissolving into the blessing of listening together.

Secure, kept and gently enveloped in intense sensations of sound and silence, in your silence and words born from it and in my tears of deepest touch.

By nothing separated from the singing of the bird … the sound … far from space and time. Everything very close to me, with me, in me. Strongly connected and united. Katrin H.