Sharpening the inner senses and giving space to the heart

Practice weeks at the Rifugio Vita Luminosa – 18. November 2023 – by Frank Trauboth

Two weeks to encounter myself and others in a new way, away from old patterns and beliefs. Giving space to new paths. Getting involved. Being with people who are seriously on the path to self-realization. Experiencing an atmosphere that awakens qualities of the heart. Simply beautiful.

I take my mindfulness from the meditation cushion into the encounter, which becomes a mindfulness practice. I look at you. I really want to hear you. I really want to see you. I decide to truly meet you. With every breath you emerge in me anew. I listen to you with all my heart, with my whole body, and feel you inside me. You teach me what I reject in myself, what I cannot yet deal with, what I cannot yet let be, what I suppress in myself.

The place, the landscape, the trees… everything kisses my soul, embeds it in a feeling of being carried, holds and embraces it lovingly. A retreat where I can show myself and unfold. Which lets me fall gently and at the same time holds me and cares for me, anchoring me in a place that begins to reveal its unshakeable peace. Gentle tears, surrendering, arriving, no longer having to conform to anyone.

Thank you, beliefs, but it is time for me to feel again what is good for me, what is true, what is right. Moreover, that I listen to it and act accordingly. And that what is supposed to happen then happens.

The joy of being with myself even more is a gift to me and a little to you and this wonderful place.

Simply. Truly. In love. Being. THANK YOU.