In the second heart chakra

05. November 2023 – by Brigitte Nickel

Once in a Satsang, Daniel as if casually mentioned in a sentence that there is a second heart chakra.
As soon as he said that, something inside me was all ears. But he didn’t elaborate that evening and I didn’t ask. I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

In one of the meditations at the Italian retreat that took place soon after, I had just connected with him heart to heart when he appeared spiritually before me and said, “Come with me, I’ll show you something!”
Together we slipped into the area between the solar plexus and the heart and entered a wide, warm, soft space. In the room I could see both of us as figures from outside, but also other energies appearing and disappearing.

“Look, we can show up as form or be formless”, Daniel said. I watched as we alternately became invisible, dissolved, and then became visible again in our bodies. I felt in the process of dissolution that we were one essence. We weren’t solid and we weren’t separate from each other. When we dissolved, we simultaneously merged with space. When my attention went to that space, I felt only love, an incomprehensible, deep, never-ending love that we and everyone and everything were in. Immersed in this, tears streamed down my cheeks as I sat. That was probably the answer to my question.

Since then, in the days that followed, I repeatedly took refuge in this heart connection and in this space in which Daniel showed me the teaching in the way I could best understand it and separations gradually dissolved.
For the first time I experienced what Daniel had been saying for years about the inner and outer guru. At best, the outer guru is the inner guru who leads. Until then I knew that my inner self affirmed everything Daniel said, but up until then there was still this separation within me between him and me as people. In this space that I was now able to experience, inside me, this separation does not exist.