As soon as your heart longs for embodied wisdom and your mind is able to renounce further accumulation of knowledge, you are ready for the teachings of a spiritual teacher.
Then, from time to time withdraw completely from your busyness and be completely with yourself – in a healing environment with the highest spiritual quality.
You will realize that this environment is not an external place. It is already within you, or rather: You are already in it.
Therefore, do not search outside, but open yourself to the pure environment of your own awareness.
Daniel Hertlein



In a satsang/workshop you explore the timeless truth about the Self. Daniel Hertlein answers your questions with profound ease and sensitive clarity. You experience a field of pure aliveness and stillness, in which your all-embracing and penetrating Self can reveal itself.

“Der Segen der Meditation”


12 November, Friday - 19:00 - 22:00


Now you may not need to be worried, you can be happy.
Grown up and educated in a field of a society that has precise ideas of life and rules, you have been vaccinated with right-and-wrong thinking, and you have cultivated judging and condemning …
You have developed fighting, fleeing or hiding as a behavior to find your place in this world or to escape from the world. You have partially forced your soul into roles to make yourself fit.
Most people have related to your persona, and you have begun to believe in being a persona – an individual, which has to constantly worry about itself. You have adopted power structures to mask your fears and to get what you think you should have.
Believing you had to be better, you engaged in analysis of your agenda and were quite proud of what you realized, how conscious you were. You have tried to educate others according to your knowledge, and you have judged and condemned them when they have not been according to your knowledge – even those who have met you in love.
Oh soul, imprisoned in the dungeon of the conditioned mind. None of it has brought you peace and freedom.
Now you are here and realize that this is not the way to liberation. I’m going to show you something else. And I won’t go on about your persona so that you realize that this was all just a bad dream … that what you are in truth has always been free, always will be and is free now. Let’s start by being silent.
Daniel Hertlein



The spiritual awakening is the beginning of everything and learning never stops. Do not strive for a final goal, but develop the ability to let the infinite life unfold itself through you – change from moment to moment, to moment, to moment …
Daniel Hertlein


Satsang & Workshop

08 October, Friday - 19:00 - 16:00

Satsang & Workshop

When does your conscious work in the world begin? Not if you know enough. But then, when you have received so much divine love, you are so filled with it that it begins to overflow. That which overflows is what you give.
Daniel Hertlein



True accompaniment on my heart journey

Daniel’s work is a clear training for people on the way to God, a blessing for all who seek their innermost truth and feel an insatiable longing in themselves.

Through touch or eye contact, the spiritual master can awaken the divine primal force of Kundalini, which dwells in every human being, and accompany its ascent through the energy centers. It is a way of love that leads us through all the dimensions of our being. We face our shadow sides, our deepest longing, our inner light and the infinite love that lives in us and that we are.

Daniel accompanies this path with all his abilities; with respect and love, especially where we seem to be facing obstacles on the path to God, tangible or subtle, from this life or from long before.

In connection with the yogic practice, our body and mind are prepared for these inner processes and it becomes clear where each individual can work on himself and where we can trust in the guidance and knowledge of the teacher.
Some obstacles we can and must take by ourselves, other difficulties are resolved for us on other dimensions and through other energies. The healing work can be experienced as truly deep healing, as healing of the soul and the heart.

Daniel can connect with lightful beings and masters of wisdom; their love and support can be felt and experienced in the meditations. Some beings convey clarity and the strength to take obstacles with determination. Some of them touch us very finely and delicately, penetrating all layers effortlessly in this fineness and leaving us in deepest peace. Or infinite love fills the room, so big and unbelievable, absorbing everything within, full of joy, incredibly powerful and full of grace. Some beings do not have names known to us, such as Jesus Christ, Serapis Bey or Yogananda, but they are tangible and intensely effective in their radiant, healing quality. They touch so deeply that this brings painful things to light, dissolves them and penetrates the heart and heals the soul.

Daniel accompanies everyone in this experience, leads us also on spiritual dimensions and opens us for the love and healing that is possible with these beings. He transmits or channels the energies that support everyone in their process in a helpful and healing way. His own vibration, his tangible existence, his words, his clairvoyance, compassion and love lead gently and at the same time powerfully through all difficulties that seem to be placed in the path of the infinite light. Whoever opens herself/himself to him, he opens the way to the light, to love, to God.

The shared experience in meditation, the shared tears and joy, the mindful and respectful interaction with each other creates trust and closeness. The conversations with Daniel and the other students and participants help to trust in one’s own experiences, to get clarity and simply to keep going. Vjerena W.