Connected silence

15. October 2023

I’m sitting on my balcony in Munich, working on my PC. A bird is singing in the tree next to me when my phone rings. Daniel is calling, I pick up …

K: “Hello Daniel. Nice of you to call.” There is no answer …

Silence. Together we listen to the singing of the bird sitting in the tree.

Through his silence every activity, every thought and action falls away from me. Layer by layer the fog and walls dissolve, which enveloped my deepest inside.

Fog created by too much activity obscured my view. Walls built by myself in the hope of protecting this fine, sensitive part of me have prevented me from seeing, hearing, feeling.

D: “Can you hear the bird?”

K: “Yes! I’m listening. I feel. The bird. The sound. The silence.”

Completely naked and deeply touchable my inner being just sits there. Detached from everything that it doesn’t need here and now.

Dissolving into the blessing of listening together.

Secure, kept and gently enveloped in intense sensations of sound and silence, in his silence and words born from it and in my tears of deepest touch.

By nothing separated from the singing of the bird … the sound … far from space and time. Everything very close to me, with me, in me. Strongly connected and united.