Practitioners of “The Yogic Art of Healing” understand and respect the human being as a soul striving for unity, which is absolutely complete in its own, pure consciousness. They practise calming the mind, opening the heart more and more and expressing what is alive in within them. Thereby, they enable themselves to be in constantly growing love and to fulfil their spiritual tasks. Within their work they accept themselves as catalysts for self-healing and inspire their fellow human beings to unfold their full potential while being as close as possible to their own hearts.
Daniel Hertlein


“The Yogic Art of Healing/Spiritual Healing” combines centuries old, proven and effective healing techniques (self-healing, transformation) from the field of yoga (body wisdom), meditation (training of the mind), massage and spiritual healing work with the understanding and life of modern times. They help us to remind ourselves and others again and again of our origin, our connection to the divine and of truly being with each other (fulfilment).

  • Cultivating an open and clear mind through meditation
  • Development of awareness by using a mindful breath practice
  • Training of perception by using mindfulness techniques
  • Exploration of the facettes of feeling
  • Training of body reading, feeling/seeing and interpreting the human energy field
  • Deeper exploration of the chakras and aura layers
  • Training of self scan
  • Training of chakra cleansing
  • Training of empathy and perception of emotions and needs of others
  • Perception of mental structures (limited perspectives, dogmas)
  • Training of a heart to heart communication including directed questions which enable us to transfer process-orientedly what has been perceived
  • Awareness work by conversation
  • Self-healing: mindful advice and practice
  • Subtle perception, sharpen the inner senses, spiritual opening and protection
  • Handling of clairaudience, clairvoyance and intuitive sensing
  • Experiencing spiritual connections and lightful, divine healers
  • Experiencing of spiritual guidance and training of spiritual communication
  • Training of a heart connected, conscious-medial acting
  • Development of soul consciousness
1. Peace of mind and physical presence
2. Connecting with the spiritual world
3. Spiritual communication
4. Body reading and clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuitive sensing
5. Bond of love – how to connect and share:
– Body work
– Conscious-medial acting
6. Self-healing: mindful advice and practice
7. Self-treatment

Participation requirements


The trainings “The Yogic Art of Healing/Spiritual Healing” are designed exclusively for advanced students of the inner path.

For taking part in the training, it is necessary that Daniel approves the application.

The trainings “The Yogic Art of Healing/Spiritual Healing” do not entitle you to pursue professional therapeutic and medical activities. These are subject to the usual regulations by law.