Daniel Hertlein respects the full maturity of the people and opens up a modern path of self-inquiry and self-realization for seekers of truth.

Through the application of an effective, clear, self-contained spiritual practice, deeper and deeper insights into the dimensions of being occur.

Yoga, meditation and process-oriented redemptive work with the spiritual world pick us up in our entanglement on the relative plane of experience. They lead us through profound, purifying processes of clearing and serve as an excellent preparation for self-inquiry.

The yoga and meditation practice comprise traditional Hatha yoga healing exercises and dynamic, guided and silent meditations which help us to open the coarse-energy body as well as the fine-energy body.

The practice of breathing and mindfulness together with the application of mantras, transforming sentences and nonviolent communication directly influences our day to day life, which we can accept as a teacher and make more light-ful through our spiritual schooling.
As soon as our mind changes, the world changes too. Additionally, this practice gives us the possibility to use those energies won through the practices of movement and meditation for our spiritual ascent.

“The practice of abundance” helps us to lead a felt emotional deficit back into our hearts, transform it and live out of the experienced abundance.

With advancing practice “heaven opens” more and more and the spiritual world begins to communicate more clearly with us. We learn to make contact – through prayers and callings – with the Masters of our heart and to deepen the relationship to them.
By absorbing their fine healing energies we experience cleansing transformational processes and inner openings which allow us access to the divine source.

In silent sitting meditations all our doing comes to rest whilst we are completely awake inside. “Compassionate seeing” is enough to fathom the nature of our mind.

In Satsang we are pointed to the highest realization – the realization of the oneness of all being. Enlightenment is not something we can attain through effort. It is not the next temporary event, nor is it an eternal state on the relative plane of experience. It is a divine gift of grace to which we open ourselves through our devotion.

All these elements of practice are interwoven with each other and complement each other. They pick us up at the various levels of inner development, support and stabilize us.

Most people believe in a subject-object duality and suffer because they feel disconnected. They cultivate discursive thinking and try to fix/find themselves in a conceptional mind which creates the illusion of an inner and outer world.
When we don’t follow our habitual mental activity, we give us the chance to experience life in its immediacy.
Everything that appears in our mind is immediately felt in the heart as part of ourselves.
When we realize the field in which everything appears, we realize that the nature of mind is like space which doesn’t separate … which connects. There is no duality … no inside-ouside, no subject-object.
So remember: It’s only the egoic activity that creates the conceptional mind and through this “separation”. When there is no conceptional mind, the nature of mind can be realized … and there is a deep sense of boundless joy and freedom.
Daniel Hertlein

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