What is body consciousness?

Body consciousness means to immerse into the immediacy of the moment by opening and cleansing your body as well as to understand your body intuitively by trusting in your body wisdom.

Our body is honest and an ambassador of our soul. It can’t be cheated or persuaded and gently or vehemently leads our attention to certain areas of the body or themes of life. Our heart intuitively understands these messages. It is able to transform everything that appears. By practising yoga and allowing our mind to become quiet, we encourage this process of transformation and development.

In connection with our breath and the clear instructions of the teacher, we touch all levels of our body beyond physical limitations. Thereby, it is not important to reach certain training goals. Opening, stretching, the loosening of blockades, cleansing, simple and challenging asanas, based on ancient knowledge should pave the way for relaxation, balance and the free flow of energy and vitality.

If we trust in the wisdom of our body, if we take it seriously and listen to it, it will become a precious friend.

When looking inside, we pay attention to all the sensations that are brought to the surface by the impulses which are set by ourselves. They are the key to our needs and longings and therefore real guides. While allowing the feelings inside us to be present and giving them space, we truly worship ourselves.