Spiritual life

Daniel Hertlein defines spiritual life by means of six pillars. They are the basis for a balanced spiritual life: body consciousness, meditation, self-love, transformation, spiritual world and self-realisation.


Body consciousness means to immerse into the immediacy of the moment by opening and cleansing your body as well as to understand your body intuitively by trusting in your body wisdom.

Our body is honest and an ambassador of our soul. It can’t be cheated or persuaded and gently or vehemently leads our attention to certain areas of the body or themes of life. Our heart intuitively understands these messages. It is able to transform everything that appears. By practising yoga and allowing our mind to become quiet, we encourage this process of transformation and development.

In connection with our breath and the clear instructions of the teacher, we touch all levels of our body beyond physical limitations. Thereby, it is not important to reach certain training goals. Opening, stretching, the loosening of blockades, cleansing, simple and challenging asanas, based on ancient knowledge should pave the way for relaxation, balance and the free flow of energy and vitality.

If we trust in the wisdom of our body, if we take it seriously and listen to it, it will become a precious friend.

When looking inside, we pay attention to all the sensations that are brought to the surface by the impulses which are set by ourselves. They are the key to our needs and longings and therefore real guides. While allowing the feelings inside us to be present and giving them space, we truly worship ourselves.


Meditation means a deep training of the mind and the opening of the mind. Through meditation, you will learn how to calm your thought waves so that your heart can reveal itself to you.

A still mind enables us to arrive in the here and now and just to be with that what is. For this purpose, we look inside ourselves, connect with our heart, listen, experience, see and learn how we feel deep inside. What we are longing for. What wants to unfold within us.

A still mind is the starting point for every spiritual journey, for the connection to the spiritual world as well as for the true recognition and realisation of ourselves. As soon as we have gone beyond the limitations of our personal reality, we recognize that we don’t have to actively search the truth or our destiny. It rather reveals itself to us within the endless width of this still mind. Life qualities like joy, peace, freedom, gratitude and love life here – in us. And beyond us.

In his meditations, Daniel leads us to the divine within ourselves. This is where forgiveness, salvation, rescue and healing has its origin. Arising from the divine love which allows us to be who we really are. Which accepts and loves….. and therefore makes a change.


Self-love means to listen to your heart and to experience deep bliss. In the stillness of the mind, listen to your heart. It will tell you all about the lived and unlived parts of your life and enrich you with deep happiness when simply being with it. Moreover, self-love can culminate in self-healing.

The movements of the soul want to be perceived in their profundity. These touches let us experience our human existence. They heal us, nourish us and make us move. These soul-movements are the most precious thing we have – they are dynamic impulses of God within us.

Great power is hiding behind the love for ourselves. It enables us to accept and welcome everything that appears within us. So that everything may be revealed and we may show our true selves. We often want to be different to what we are and therefore reject certain aspects within us. But it is not rejection but self-acceptance that leads to transformation. It is an expression of self-love which allows development.

Fear of condemnation, punishment, rejection or feelings of guilt – they can’t exist any longer in the light of love. Self-love makes our heart qualities come to the surface.


Transformation means to experience the transformative power of your own heart. During transformation, you decide consciously to follow your inner path and to lead a lightful existence.

Within the infinitely wide space of our mind which comes alive through self-love, the transformative powers of our hearts can come into action and transform anything. Daniel Hertlein gives us the opportunity to participate in this space of mind, in the love which is alive within himself and in his personal relationship to God. He reaches out to everybody who is looking for security and support in order to open up for healing touches, for the beings of light who are with us. So that everything that wants to come to us can reach us and healing can take place.

By exploring the possibilities of transformation, we more and more discover the cancellation of duality. The conscious decision in favour of the lightful path of the heart opens us the doors to experience spiritual reality.


Mental healing work makes it possible for you to refer to the lightful beings of the spiritual world with your entire heart. They will truly support you with their healing light.

With advancing practise, “heaven will open” more and more and the spiritual world will begin to communicate more clearly with us. We will learn how to get in contact with the masters of our heart through prayers and invocations and consequently deepen our relationship to them. By absorbing their subtle healing energies, we experience purifying processes of transformation and inner opening which allow us easy access to the divine source.

Hence, the invisible world becomes more visible, perceptible – experienceable.


Self-realisation means to live what is deep inside you with the greatest joy. Self-realisation is the embodiment of wisdom, power and love – acting in the world with an authentic expression.

Is there something that is perpetual? If everything changes permanently, only the one who is seeing can be the perpetual one. Discovering the true self, is the beginning of a path of realisation which will pervade everything. As soon as we approach the perpetually seeing one, his light will purify the layers of our soul so that it can shine in his splendour as that what it is: a unique expression of himself. During this intensive light body process, the fundamental qualities of our heart – wisdom, power and love – will be revealed and can fully develop.

Being our authentic self enables us to realise the enlightened mind from moment to moment.