Spiritual journeys

Spiritual journeys are intense catalysts for your inner ascension. At the healing retreat place of the spiritual teacher Daniel Hertlein you have the opportunity to focus your attention completely to your inner world, in order to dive deeply into your true Self.


Embedded in the beautiful, broad and gently rolling landscape of Marche, you will find “Fonte San Giovanni”, a quiet place of retreat surrounded by living nature (near Senigallia, Ancona). The Rustico is located in the middle of an extensive Verdicchio-vineyard. With great love for detail, the entire estate was completely restored true to the original so that all natural materials once again found their place. This unique location in all its beauty and simplicity quite naturally offers us the opportunity to truly allow life around us and deep within us.

The Yogic Practice, the lived connection to the teacher as well as the daily routine of being together in a mindful and cheerful way encourage and enable us to accept and live the most various aspects of our existence.


For taking part in the retreat it is necessary to get an approval from Daniel.
23.05. – 30.05., 12.09. – 19.09.2020

Day Schedule:
Sunday until Friday from 09.00 – 11.00 a.m. and 03.30 – 06.00 p.m., Wednesday free

700,00 € lessons


Please book your accommodation with food or with self catering for yourself.
Recommendation at request


During these days, we will have the lovely opportunity to organise our schedule individually. The daily routine will include meditation (silent and dynamic meditation), yoga asanas, energising exercises as well as the practice of mindfulness and the possibility to experience a satsang.

The specific character of this retreat lies in spending an extended period of time with your teacher at his own favourite place of retreat – in the Rustico “Fonte San Giovanni” we will practise together.

Daniel will take care that everybody gets the chance to spend time alone to process all new impressions and to enjoy themselves as well as the beautiful environment.


Due to the necessary planning and preparation, we kindly ask you for a timely application including an advanced payment of 250,00 € to guarantee your firm commitment.

For further information as well as the submission of your retreat application, please contact Brigitte Stümpfler via b.stuempfler@daniel-hertlein.de or +49 (0) 151 50 54 26 15



“It is the greatest gift for my soul to practise this way … with my teacher’s protecting hand above me, who unites love and purity, knowledge and wisdom, humility and power within himself and lives it in a perceptible way … in a community of people who all look for their true selves, supporting each other on their inner path in a joyful, mindful and very natural manner … within a calm and powerful environment, where the abundance of nature empowers healing and development.” Maria R.

“Thank you so much for this exceptional being together at this magnificent place which has been so joyful and liberating for me. Here, with you and within this community, where love is lived, it becomes possible for me to feel safe and secure. Evidently, my heart has begun to open up again for love and God.” Sabine D.

“The estate of El Rustico Fonte San Giovanni is an unique place of healing and development for my soul. Physical complaints vanish as soon as I am near the building. Everyday thoughts and worries, shielding and rough attitudes can no longer exist within myself when being there or appear in a new, positive, transforming light. The common meditations energetically affect me so deeply each time that my heart immediately begins to flow – without any effort. Love, trust and devotion very naturally arise. Nowhere else it is that easy for me to be in the here and now and to be touchable.” Brigitte N.

“The retreat awakened enormous longings within me to immerse myself deeper and deeper and more intensely in this divine togetherness, to live it in all areas of life and to be able to experience it, a growing desire to become an inseparable part of the divine and its love until being completely penetrated by it.” Christian B.