What is self-love?

Self-love means to listen to your heart and to experience deep bliss.
In the stillness of the mind, listen to your heart. It will tell you all about the lived and unlived parts of your life and enrich you with deep happiness when simply being with it. Moreover, self-love can culminate in self-healing.


The movements of the soul want to be perceived in their profundity. These touches let us experience our human existence. They heal us, nourish us and make us move. These soul-movements are the most precious thing we have – they are dynamic impulses of God within us.

Great power is hiding behind the love for ourselves. It enables us to accept and welcome everything that appears within us. So that everything may be revealed and we may show our true selves. We often want to be different to what we are and therefore reject certain aspects within us. But it is not rejection but self-acceptance that leads to transformation. It is an expression of self-love which allows development.

Fear of condemnation, punishment, rejection or feelings of guilt – they can’t exist any longer in the light of love. Self-love makes our heart qualities come to the surface.