Accepting Womanhood

During one session, I experienced how the influx of healing energies set off a realization process within me including strong physical reactions. As a result, this very old karmic pain with memories of numerous assaults left my body.  From that day on, I was healed and am now able to enjoy my womanhood. I can finally enjoy my body and physical closeness. B.H.

Yes to Life

I was in deep depression when I met Daniel. Through his healing work I found after a short time, the strength to break away from the medications and ineffective therapy and I was able to accept the professional consequences that seemed impossible before. The feeling of being driven to succeed was replaced by a never before, unknown joy of life. Since then, five years have passed and it’s still in me, the clear YES to life. B.S.

A miracle healing and a fascinating journey of self discovery

Dear Daniel, do you still remember? When I had my first Individualized Teaching with you four years ago, I could hardly raise my arms above the horizontal position. My shoulders were so damaged – the price I had to pay for my wild water canoeing career – that they became dislocated by the slightest hasty movement … whenever I tried to stop my little son from running out onto the street, when I rested my head on my hands while reading, when I happened to turn around in bed and, yes, even once when I was hanging up some clothes. The professor for shoulder surgery whose help I sought explained his plan for the operation: he would simply cut open, patch up a few tendons and ligaments.
By a twist of good fate, I ended up on your yoga mat instead of his operating table. I can hardly believe it my self that I can now even take on the Shoulder Stand and more recently the Bridge too.
A miracle healing! Nevertheless, it seemed to have happened almost incidentally while the real work and healing was actually taking place somewhere else. Daniel, you have patched up in me, more than just torn tendons and ligaments. It did not seem too much like hard work for me, and I did not even feel like I was sick. It was more like a fascinating journey of self discovery. G.J.

Experience and knowledge

I grew up neither religious nor spiritual. After high school, I decided to study medicine and have for many years treated patients according to conventional medical principles. What I cannot see, perceive or explain, does not exist for me. Some things you had to show me incredibly often before they became real to me – repeatedly, you have recounted events that I have recently experienced, that occurred shortly thereafter or you have repeated my thoughts or conversations in which you were not present – before clairvoyance and clairaudience became real and normal for me.
You helped me see and experience phenomena in quantum physics and meditations and introduced me to worlds that are otherwise only described by mystics. I experience again and again physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, which very often happens quite incidentally and gradually I am converted. But sometimes it’s like a very specific intervention that can be experienced immediately and has a clear, tangible effect. A herniated disc, allergies, insomnia, menstrual disorders have all completely disappeared. I cannot deny what I experience again and again in me and what I see in others. I’ve become familiar with other levels of healing. Both – conventional medicine and spiritual healing – may exist, are justifiable and complement each other wonderfully. K.H

The impossible is possible

Through the intense work with “physical blocks” my life has changed fundamentally. I have learned to permit my feelings, to accept my limits and nevertheless not to see them as absolute … I have even become a mother which seemed impossible from a medical point of view.
Thank you that I could experience a state of complete bliss even in times of severe illness through our time together. That is so infinitely valuable! Thank you that you repeatedly show me the way into the world of complete trust and that you have such an unerring feeling for the “things in my life” which let me fall out of this wide space. A.V.

Support from the distance

When I came along to a retreat for the first time, as a complete novice you might say, I had no idea of what lay in store for me, who lay in store for me. After the first evening together I felt well received and integrated into this wonderful community around you. Never do I have the feeling of being excluded because I cannot regularly be present. Open arms – always.
I asked you for a very meaningful favour: the life of a baby friend of mine hung from a thread, intensive care. Severe illness. I asked you for help and two days later the child, completely contrary to the expectations of all doctors and the parents, was no longer connected to a single drainage or infusion, was recovering remarkably quickly and well. In my view, even if that sounds strange to a “non-practitioner”, you saved his life (a few years ago I would also never have believed in miracles). I am infinitely grateful to you for that and I experience that this greatly strengthens my belief in the divine. Thank GOD – your nearness is very wholesome. In the deepest trust. D.L.

Dissolving negative karmic bonds

For me it was possible to resolve a negative karmic bond, which went beyond death. I felt over many days an inner coldness and depressed mood in me that I could not explain. In one treatment, I realized that I was karmically bound to a departed soul who asked me for my forgiveness. As I accepted them deep inside my heart, the coldness left my body and I felt filled with love. Since this experience, I realize that we are connected and we exist best in love. K.H.


Dear Daniel, I am infinitely grateful for your guidance. The intensive practice with you has changed so much in my life. The bulimia that accompanied me for 20 years of my life has left my life over the past few months. Although it was never actually a topic as such in our joint practice. Owing to the meditations and conversations with you, I rediscovered access to my spiritual roots by which I could experience a power that gives me fresh courage, support and stability.
The last time that I experienced this incomparable trust in God that carries me was when I was a child. Since I’ve been connected to this divine energy I experience such a deep gratitude for this precious gift of my life that I’ve got no other choice than to look after myself. That is like a commitment that has grown from within.
A while ago I said to you that I have the feeling that true healing can only take place from the inside. And exactly that could I now experience and still am experiencing in so many other areas of my life anew every day. Namaste. A.H.


It was when I made eye contact with you on the Retreat, which led me look at my life differently from one moment to the next. I found myself in a state of restlessness and when I described this to you, you said. “The strange thing is, even if you’re not experiencing yourself as part of the divine order, it’s always there,” Inside me arose a big YES, and it followed with this eye contact with you, and then suddenly everything in my life was changed.
In this perspective I realized, “Everything is God.” I saw and felt that all there is, from God and through God – and I sensed an incredible wave of joy and gratitude that can best be explained as a blessing. I felt the grace of God. That everything is just how it should be and not otherwise, including myself, shaped and molded. This resulted in an incredible appreciation of myself, and at the same time of all things. I was elevated by it, but with me everything else too. It was for me a whole new sense of existence, the feeling that reality, as I had seen up to that point, felt completely turned upside down.
I felt reborn and at the same time only just alive. Everything around me was filled with enthusiasm, excited and therefore fully alive. This blessing or consciousness that “everything is God” lasted for months. Since then, I have no doubt that God exists; that God is there, that there is nothing without God. A.M.

My family healed

I am very grateful for the healing that has taken place in my family. It is not simply a man who has been cured of a disease, the whole family healed. I see that a lot of destructive and hurtful behavior in our family has lessened or disappeared – even though only I have worked with you. Depth of injury, years of silence, silent accusations, suspicion, not being able to touch, painful experiences … all that was there. Today, all is not always good, but we are talking again all together and what would have led earlier to a drama, can be solved more easily today through an open, lenient cooperation. I can let myself be close to people again; I’m more open with others and can trust more easily. I believed in myself enough to have a child and start a family. Five years ago, all of this would have been unimaginable for me. V.W.

Healing connection

I may experience the divine existence directly through you. In touch with this I may experience and take into my life and into the world holy and healing moments. Healing – physical, mental and emotional – is a reality. You take the pain so that I should be well. By and by I may discover the healing in me. For twelve years I suffered of severe chronic bronchitis. We sat in meditative posture when your physical body ejected with great power and strength what actually was in my body from the lungs and bronchi. You had taken my cough upon you – for me. At that time I could hardly believe it – what for do you take my cough? There it was, the connection. You let me experience it. In the same way my backache went when I was near you. When I told you about it you said: “Then simply stay near me”. I tried it out and the pain was gone. M.T.

You meditate with me – "I am being meditated"

To this day you invite me again and again to practise with you and with the people who surround you and me. Today sitting – Zazen – is, according to my mind, the only thing permanently to do – a lifelong and even beyond. This practice became my life.
You meditate with me – “I am being meditated”. We stretch, each one for itself and yet together. We move into something which we experience as nearing eternity, the true and unique greatness. This divine strength, this divine energy which is given to me and of which I may become a part, gives me the feeling of gentleness, richness and preciousness. M.T.

The mercy of luminous energy-beings

Through Daniel’s work, I have re-found my faith. He has opened the doors to a tangible, experiential spirituality for me.
In meditations and treatments, there have been repeatedly physically tangible “touches” – subtle operative interventions in the subtle body – from luminous spiritual beings, that allow me to feel or experience God’s grace. I was able to recover from my depression and gastritis and was freed from indefinable pain in the upper abdomen. Since then, I feel a new confidence in myself and experience more fulfillment in interpersonal relationships. But the greatest gift is the added internal stability and the knowledge that “something greater” than us cares about me, accompanies me leads us. M.R.

The dissolution of space and time

What I felt in your lesson yesterday was so unbelievably large, wide and beautiful. No sooner had I sat down it hit me like a wave of sound emanating from you. With an unimaginable strength and intensity. As if the air, simply everything around me were made of small particles which are vibrating at a hitherto unfelt speed, at a high frequency, as if magnetised. Intense, but indescribably fine.
Space and time dissolved. The inner space and this incomprehensible energy and intensity outshone everything. A wideness, largeness and intensity were able to be felt, far beyond everything I had previously felt or believed possible. This “movement” was so incomprehensibly fine in its vibration. I still have the feeling that the world around me could dissolve and disappear at any moment. Everything I touch could simply have no substance any more.
I was so sceptical. I see myself now with my small thinking, with my worries about money, work, partnership, existence … it’s as if my fundament was brushed away in this wideness and largeness and it’s not even a loss because it’s unimportant. The fundament was actually heavy cement blocks attached to my feet.
Nothing of what I think of as true or real is there – no feelings of fear, worry or guilt. If only EVERYONE could experience that, then our world would be a different one! So much could just drop away from us. V.W.

Divine powers come down to earth

In my experience, Daniel brings heaven to earth with his work.
The love which Daniel shares unconditionally with other people, with which he accepts everyone fully in their humanity and in the history of their soul and accompanies him on his path of the heart and of healing is, for me, divine love in which I may not only believe, but in which I trust more and more, having directly seen and experienced it in and with him.
When Daniel asks the spiritual world for support during meditations and healings those are, for me, very special holy moments, in which I am filled with a deep thankfulness to be allowed to be a part of that. His loving accompaniment, energy work and connection to beings of light, the healings and wonder-ful changes to people, which I see and also experience in my own body, touch me deeply and the greatness and wisdom with which Daniel is in contact and which supports people in their existence astounds me again and again.
To experience this togetherness, healing of the soul and a heart which is touched together with other people in almost “simple” naturalness is unbelievable nourishing for me and shows me again and again that there can be blessing, love, light, fulfillment, deep healing and support from the spiritual world for each and every one of us in our togetherness on earth. Thank you that Daniel and his work exist! B.H.

The light of the angel

For decades I gave my dignity little attention, I tried to accept being disrespected, tried to gloss over my pain, to cover it or confront it with a positive attitude. I felt sad, heavily laden and knew that much in me was not cleansed when I visited a healing weekend with Daniel.
In a meditation guided by Daniel the pain in my stomach grew ever larger and the pressure in my heart and in my throat grew stronger. I could experience being led directly to the wounds in my soul. Given courage by his clear accompaniment I managed to see inside more precisely and to feel myself. When he came to me he advised me to connect to the Holy Michael and to ask him for support, for help. At first I was briefly irritated, because up until then I had had no relation to the Archangel. But then I allowed by self to engage in the silent prayer.
Suddenly my body reared up. I began to choke and the pain of many humiliations and injuries was drawn out of my body like the endless cloth of a magic trick … until it became quieter in me. I felt a great forgiving in which nothing remains behind.
Since being initiated into the spiritual connection with Archangel Michael, since experiencing his unbelievably healing power and grace, I repeatedly seek him inside of me and know he is with me. I find, even though I was not aware of it at first, that I am drawn to places which are dedicated to him.
Two months after the healing weekend I took part in Daniel’s retreat in Italy. In a meditation I could sense a divine presence, which I could sense even more clearly after Daniel touched my third eye. I suddenly saw two white wings and a light which entered my body. I did not feel Daniel and my body any more – it was brilliantly white and unbelievably beautiful … and I became this light.
I am deeply grateful to Daniel that he made my faith immediately “experiencable”. Since then so much strength, confidence and deep trust have entered my life and I experience the inner guidance more than ever. M.H.

His deep love for God, Jesus and humanity heals

Daniel involves himself in his work with extraordinary sensitivity, wholeheartedly and with great awareness. In all his deeds I can feel that he follows his true calling and receives the full support of the spiritual world.
He engages himself avidly, very closely and tangibly with each encounter and in connection with beings of light he releases manifold blocks in the energy body. I have the feeling that “he” always knows exactly what he’s doing, or rather is being wonderfully guided.
I have felt that this work of salvation goes incomprehensibly deep and heals ancient and stubborn suffering and illnesses of a spiritual, mental and physical nature. How exactly he does it I cannot say – but the basis for this work is probably his deep love for God, Jesus and humanity. F.S.