The spiritual practice offers you the opportunity to learn self healing techniques and to practice them under the guidance of Daniel in a group.


The yoga and meditation practice comprise traditional Hatha yoga healing exercises and dynamic, guided and silent meditations which help us to open the coarse-energy body as well as the fine-energy body.

The practice of breathing and mindfulness together with the application of mantras and transforming sentences directly influences our day to day life, which we can accept as a teacher and make more light-ful through our spiritual schooling. As soon as we change the state of our mind, the world changes too. Additionally, this practice gives us the possibility of keeping and holding those energies won through the practices of movement and meditation.

With advancing practice “heaven opens” more and more and the spiritual world begins to communicate more clearly with us. We learn to make contact – through prayers and callings – with the Masters of our heart and deepen the relationship to them.

By absorbing their fine healing energies we experience cleansing transformational processes and inner openings which allow us access to the divine source.

In silent sitting meditations there is no technique which forces or steers something. All our doing comes to rest whilst we are completely awake inside. “Compassionate seeing” is enough to fathom the nature of our spirit and to recognize that which is the “one and all”.

“The practice of abundance” helps us to lead a felt emotional deficit back into our hearts, transform it and create our lives out of the experienced abundance.

Learning how to truly communicate from heart to heart enables us to cultivate clear awareness in the midst of everyday life.

All these elements of practice are interwoven with each other and complement each other. They pick us up at the various levels of inner development, support and stabilize us.


07.11., 14.11., 28.11., 05.12., 12.12., 19.12.2019

Thursday 07.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m. Yoga, body and energy exercises
08.15 p.m. – 09.15 p.m. Meditation

Price: 25,00 € (2 lessons)
15,00 € (1 lesson)

Place: Seminarhaus Gronsdorf
Peter-Wolfram-Str. 31
85540 Gronsdorf (München)