Personal info

Daniel Hertlein
who was born in Munich in 1974, is an innovative, spiritual teacher and healer of modern times. He enables people to experience spiritual awakening and supports them in developing their unique abilities and creating their lives by following their hearts.
He is a father of two children and lives in Munich, Germany. He also spends a lot of time at his quiet getaway in Italy. There, he offers retreats and educational training in “The Yogic Art of Healing” for his students.

The Vocation

Since his childhood, Daniel has been interested in the connections between body and mind and all the deep soul-moving emotions. His quest for true spirituality led him to masters of different traditions. Above all, the Zen Master Richard Baker Roshi helped him to explore the inner spaces of consciousness. In 1996 Daniel began teaching.

The Author

As a publisher and as the author of books like “DEIN JA ZU DIR – vom Licht deiner Seele und dem Wirken in der Welt”, “Breath” and “Antworten aus dem Hier und Jetzt” Daniel has introduced people to new transformative techniques and perspectives for a fulfilling life.

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