What is meditation?

Meditation means a deep training of the mind and the opening of the mind.
Through meditation, you will learn how to calm your thought waves so that your heart can reveal itself to you.


A still mind enables us to arrive in the here and now and just to be with that what is. For this purpose, we look inside ourselves, connect with our heart, listen, experience, see and learn how we feel deep inside. What we are longing for. What wants to unfold within us.

A still mind is the starting point for every spiritual journey, for the connection to the spiritual world as well as for the true recognition and realisation of ourselves.

As soon as we have gone beyond the limitations of our personal reality, we recognize that we don’t have to actively search the truth or our destiny. It rather reveals itself to us within the endless width of this still mind. Life qualities like joy, peace, freedom, gratitude and love life here – in us. And beyond us.

In his meditations, Daniel leads us to the divine within ourselves. This is where forgiveness, salvation, rescue and healing has its origin. Arising from the divine love which allows us to be who we really are. Which accepts and loves….. and therefore makes a change.