Finding yourself

Finding yourself is an exciting voyage of discovery.
By the use of an effective and proven approach you get in touch with your body, mind and soul. This works best in familiar surroundings and with competent spiritual guidance.

“The greatest success for a human being is to be oneself.” Daniel Hertlein


Daniel’s spiritual healing work directly touches our emotional state and guides us into the vitality of our heart – to our pains, joys, abilities and concerns. The guidance to a true heart experience is accompanied by a process of inner and outer transformation and realisation which is governed by phases of deep cleansing and reorientation and which reveals to us the task and purpose of our being here.

Basic contents of the healing work are:

  • Experiencing the body as temple and mirror of the soul
  • Freeing from physical blocks, suppressed feelings and emotions
  • Dissolving of fears, restrictive patterns of thought and dogmas
  • Perceiving and releasing of energetic dynamics and karmic entanglements in relationships
  • Feeling of needs and learning a mindful language of the heart
  • Development of deep acceptance of self and honest charity
  • Opening for the soul’s tasks and guidance towards the divine
  • Learning a healthful way of working with medial gifts
  • Getting to know the spiritual laws and discovering of spiritual heart connections
  • Finding out of a joyful development of the soul and an authentic existence

In addition to Daniel’s fine perception – a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuitive sensing and intuitive knowledge – and his healing abilities the spiritual practice, above all, supports the processes of self-healing and spiritual realisation.


Basic contents of the spiritual practice are:

  • Development of body wisdom by healing body movements and breathing exercises (Asanas, Pranayamas)
  • Training the mind by meditations and the practice of breathing and mindfulness
  • Transformation by prayers, mantras and sentences of wisdom
  • Shaktipat and accompanying of the rising kundalini
  • Spiritual realisation and embodying by learning “the practice of abundance” and true communication from heart to heart

You have the possibility to practice with Daniel in Gronsdorf/Munich.

“If our spirit resembles open hands
our soul can breathe freely … thus we receive
and give out of natural ease
and experience the wonderful power of love.”
(Daniel Hertlein)


The publishing house regularly publishes books, CDs and DVDs (also available for download) containing exercises, meditations and inspirations for a fulfilling life.

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