Daniel Hertlein – spiritual teacher

Daniel Hertlein is spiritual teacher, healer and author with direct success to the human soul who helps his students to experience their timeless/eternal Self.

His mission is to constantly encourage spiritual growth and thereby he supports you to develop your God-given abilities and live your calling with love.

Through his teachings you free yourself from the illusion of being a limited person and you learn to manifest your true heart concerns – for the good of all.

Spiritual life and fulfillment

Daniel’s work combines modern spirituality and practical everyday life.

In his personal accompaniment with transforming conversations and light energy transmissions, he helps you to remove blockages that are in your way. He leads you into the fullness of your inner life.

Through his modern spiritual practice, you will learn how to open yourself to the creative power within yourself and cultivate awareness in order to be able to live from your originally enlightened mind.

Essential elements are: body consciousness, meditation, mindfulness, self-love, transformation, spiritual world and self-realisation.

“The more we cleanse the sheaths of our soul,

the more we perceive our oneness with the Divine and are

able to live in and out of our fullness.“

(Daniel Hertlein)


Satsangs and the Livestream Meditations offer you the possibility to discover yourself – to develop soul consciousness and recognise your true SELF.

In order to experience a more intensive time of self-discovery, self-healing and self-development, Daniel offers retreats in Germany and spiritual journeys.

Regarding particular questions on your unique path to yourself, a one-to-one contact with Daniel in spiritual sessions will provide you with genuine support.

The spiritual healing – advanced training offers a personal guided teaching. You learn meditations, mindfulness exercises to an open mind, the development of soul consciousness and the experience of spiritual connections. The advanced training is absolutely practical and is directed to the immediate experience of everyone, which is accompanied by Daniel. It is suitable for all those who feel the space and the ability to heal others – in midst of he world.

Online Shop

In order to make Daniel’s teaching accessible to more people, he has founded his own spiritual publishing house.

All publishing products combine spiritual practice and daily life – an internal sight at the mind and heart in the midst of a busy world.

Daniel conducts heart-opening meditations and yogic exercise series and inspires us in living our humanity and connectedness.
The range of themes varies form self-perception, empathy, heart-communication and spiritual healing to self-awareness and self-realisation.

Here is a selection of Daniel’s MP3 downloads:

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Experience reports

“Doors are opened, of whose existence I did not even know.”

“Since then, I have no doubt that God exists; that God is there, that there is nothing without God.”

“And although Daniel works in and with worlds and beings that are not familiar to me, he remains deeply and simply human.”

“Daniel sees the depths of the soul. He reads me like an open book.”

“A kind fate wanted me to end up in your hands, instead of under his knife.”

“Thank you so much for you care, love, dedication … for everything you are doing for us on this planet.”


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