Daniel Hertlein – spiritual teacher

Daniel Hertlein is a spiritual teacher with direct success to the human soul who supports his students in getting in touch with themselves again.

His mission is to constantly encourage spiritual growth and thereby give inspiration for changing live in a positive way by using our own power.

He helps individuals to unfold their God-given abilities and to recognize themselves more and more.

Spiritual Life and Fulfillment

As a spiritual teacher, Daniel demonstrates how you can progressively arrange your life by using your creative power in harmony with your heart.

His teaching imparts the training of body consciousness, meditation, mindfulness, self-love and transformation which cultivates awareness – a state of mind that offers many possibilities. It opens the door to self-realisation and self-development.

His teaching allows you access to the spiritual world and its lightful companions as well as to masters whose subtle energies will lead you through processes of inner purification so that the unresolved issues which are locked away in the layers of our soul will be released and the lightness of being can be experienced and enjoyed.

The spiritual teacher Daniel Hertlein describes the heart as a place of fullness which permanently reminds us of our inner wealth. Our heart knows what we need to be happy.

How can we rebuild this bridge to our hearts?

Daniel’s work creates a link between spirituality and practical everyday life. With his personal guidance, he supports us in releasing blockades which prevent us from becoming happy and leads you to your deepest feelings and inner wisdom – to your inner vitality.


A satsang in Munich offers you the possibility to be directly guided to yourself and to receive transforming impulses for your life and your spiritual practice.

If you want to experience a more intensive time of self-discovery, self-healing and self-development, spending several days at a healing place with regular group practice and personal guidance by Daniel will be ideal. During a retreat in Germany or a spiritual journey, you will find the necessary distance to everyday life so that you can be fully present with and within yourself.

In certain phases of life and regarding particular questions on your unique path to yourself, a one-to-one contact with your teacher will provide you with genuine support. For that purpose, Daniel offers spiritual life coaching and guidance in the form of private lessons.

The spiritual healing – advanced training offers a personal guided teaching. You learn meditations, mindfulness exercises to an open mind, the development of soul consciousness and the experience of spiritual connections. The advanced training is absolutely practical and is directed to the immediate experience of everyone, which is accompanied by Daniel.

The spiritual healing – advanced training is suitable for all those who are interested in spiritual healing, wish to accompany their fellow human beings on the path of the heart or work in healing professions or as coaches, yoga and meditation teachers. Previous experience in therapeutic work and spiritual healing is advantageous but not required.


In order to give you the chance to get into quick and efficient touch with yourself, your inner vitality, your heart’s desires and your fulfillment, Daniel has founded the spiritual publishing house “The Yogic Art of Living”.

In his online-shop, you will find spiritual books and spiritual audio-books whose range of themes varies form self-perception, empathy, heart-communication and spiritual healing to self-awareness and self-realisation.

Go your unique way!

If you long:

  • to be seen and accepted
  • for individual guidance on your unique way
  • to be reminded of your own potential and your heart qualities
  • for lived spirituality – self-realisation in the midst of life
  • for the immediate experience of transforming and subtle energies from the spiritual world

then get to know the spiritual teacher Daniel Hertlein!


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Experience reports

“Doors are opened, of whose existence I did not even know.”

“Thanks to you I was able to experience a state of total bliss even in times of serious illness.”

“Since then, I have no doubt that God exists; that God is there, that there is nothing without God.”

“And although Daniel works in and with worlds and beings that are not familiar to me, he remains deeply and simply human.”

“Daniel sees the depths of the soul. He reads me like an open book.”

“In my eyes, even though it may sound very strange for “non-practitioners” you saved his life.”

“A kind fate wanted me to end up in your hands, instead of under his knife.”

“I have a feeling that “he” always knows exactly what he is doing and is guided quite wonderfully.”