Daniel Hertlein is a spiritual teacher and healer with direct success to the human soul, and he supports people in developing their unique abilities and creating their lives by following their hearts.
He imparts precise and efficient techniques for healing transformation in order to bring abundance, happiness and deep peace into our everyday life.

Self-exploration and self-realisation through:

Body wisdom

Open and clean your body with in order to immerse into the immediacy of the moment. And then understand by trusting your body wisdom.

Training the mind

Learn how to calm your waves of thought so that your heart can truly reveal itself.


In the silence of the spirit, listen to your heart. It tells you about the life you live and your unlived life. You will experience deepest bliss by simply being with your heart.

Spiritual transformation

Consciously choose to follow your inner path – to lead a lightful existence.

Spiritual healing work

Experience how you can connect yourself with luminous beings of the spiritual world from deep within your heart. They will offer you genuine support.

Embodiment / fulfillment

It gives you the greatest pleasure when you live and fulfil what is deep within you.

Overview of all events


Satsang / Workshop: appreciate a direct and franc communicative exchange with Daniel for inner clearance and the expansion of consciousness. Meditation, question and answer, get familiar with and deepen the knowledge of spiritual techniques and put them into practice in your daily life.


Retreat: enjoy days of self-exploration and self- healing at an idyllic and quiet location. Practise mindfulness, breathing techniques and physical exercises, meditation, satsangs.


Educational training: undergo an intensive education in “The Yogic Art of Healing”. Learn, in a modern and innovative way, how to use proven and effective healing techniques.


Individual lesson / coaching: obtain individual advice, treatment and guidance while exploring any topic of life that may concern you.

Insights into work



Healing work



  • Doors are opened, of whose existence I did not even know.
  • Thanks to you I was able to experience a state of total bliss even in times of serious illness.
  • Since then, I have no doubt that God exists; that God is there, that there is nothing without God.
  • And although Daniel works in and with worlds and beings that are not familiar to me, he remains deeply and simply human.
  • Daniel sees the depths of the soul. He reads me like an open book.
  • In my eyes, even though it may sound very strange for “non-practitioners” you saved his life.
  • A kind fate wanted me to end up in your hands, instead of under his knife.
  • I have a feeling that “he” always knows exactly what he is doing and is guided quite wonderfully.

Yogic Art of Living Publishing


The publishing house “Yogische Lebenskunst Verlag” (“The Yogic Art of Living”) regularly publishes books, CDs and DVDs (also downloadable) containing exercises, meditations and inspirations for a fulfilling life.

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